We received this very interesting news item from Mr. Byron Stewart the son of Tom Guler of Australia who was a very colorful individual from Australia who had spent his entire life in the new furnace business-Tom unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. Byron is following in his father’s footprints and the result is the very impressive installation you see in the attached photos which is located in the south of China. Byron has been working with a local company by the name of Beijing Huahai Zhongyi Industrial Furnaces Co Ltd,  (HHZY) and together they built and installed the equipment you see at a company by the name of Alnan which is a rolling mill producing aluminium and apparently the largest in the world which represents a 3 Billion Euro investment. The furnace you see on the left has a furnace capacity of 4000 kg, working dimensions of 2000 x 1200 x 700 and a 6 bar pressure quench. Byron has actually been testing the furnace and recently successfully ran 4,000 kg of H13 steel. It would appear that Guler and HHZY will be working together in the future on a number of future projects including large bottom loading vacuum furnaces most based upon Tom’s designs. December 3/2013







Domestic first large-scale production line

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